Conference Papers

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Laura Borràs Castanyer, Teaching Literature in a Virtual University: A Way to Enhance Imagination!

Laura Borràs Castanyer & Joan Elies Adell, Teaching Literature in a Virtual Campus:The UOC Experience, 1998-2005

Alessandra Briganti, Advanced Technologies: Towards a Future Paradigm of Thinking and Representing Reality in ODL Literature Studies

Ellie Chambers, Literature Pedagogy for Distance Education: A Socio-cultural Approach

Sara Hauptman, Literature Students in a DEL Training Program for Developing Alternative Ways of Teaching Literature in a Computer Environment

Martin Huber, Teaching Theorising - not Theory. On Literary Theory in Distance Learning

Alexandra Ioannidou, Teaching Russian Literature: Uses of the Internet

Despoina Kaklamanidou & Panagiotis Arvanitis, A Database of Filmed Novels: Methodology and Didactic Use

Dimitrios Kargiotis, The Distance of Literature and the Space of the Aesthetic: Literary Theory in the Open

Takis Kayalis, “World Literature” and the Isolation of ODL Literary Studies

Raine Koskimaa, Teaching Digital Literature: Code and Culture

Asuncion Lopez-Varela, b-Learning Approaches to the Teaching of Literature in the UCM within the Framework of the European Space for Higher Education

Michalis Lykoudis, Audiovisual Technology in ODL Literary Studies: Educational Video and DVD

Anastasia Natsina, European ODL Literary Programs: A Comparative Survey of Curricula, Structure of Educational Material, and Educational Procedures

Theoharoula Niftanidou & Rania Polykandrioti, Teaching Modern Greek Literature and Literary Theory in Open and Distance Learning: The Example of Autobiographical Writing

Bob Owens, Masters-level Study in Literature at the Open University: Pedagogic Challenges and Solutions

Joseph Pivato, Digital Rib: Changing Behaviour and Hypertext Literature

Amelia Sanz Cabrerizo, Specific Competences and Cognitive Procedures for Literary Studies in b-Learning

Didier Souiller, European Literature and Civilization in an ODL System: Problems and Method

George Varsos, On Literature as a Teachable Object of Academic Knowledge

Evi Voyatzaki, Constraints and Potentialities in Understanding and Evaluating Literature in ODL: Flexible Strategies, the Use of Technology and the Role of Literary Theory

Dennis Walder, Decolonising the Distance Curriculum


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